Celebrating 10 Years of Dancing!

Will there be an in-person dance in 2021?

With strict limitations on large gatherings and events still in place, we are unable to plan the 2021 Her Knight Dance in its typical in-person format.

In lieu of an in-person dance, we encourage you, our Knights, in the weeks ahead to plan a memorable evening at home with your special princess(es) on what would have been the 11th annual Her Knight Dance weekend – February 6, 2021. Get creative! Plan a candlelight dinner or cook a meal of her choosing together, turn your living room or basement into a dance floor, and set up a photo booth in the hallway. The opportunities are truly limitless!

To help jump-start your special evening plans, Her Knight is offering, at NO CHARGE, the annual dance favor box (with a few extra goodies included) that our princesses would typically receive at the end of the night for their Knight to share with them however they choose to celebrate. Favors will be available for pick up ONLY on Saturday, February 6, 2021. Because our favors are custom made each year, we have to plan ahead and take reservations now!

What is included in the free 2021 favor box?

Each favor box will include the same items our dance attendees have enjoyed in years past at the in-person dance – a sterling silver necklace with custom 2021 Her Knight charm, and a few other extra special goodies just for 2021.

How many favors can we reserve?

Please reserve only ONE favor per daughter/princess. Each favor box will be identically filled so that each girl has their own special keepsake. Reselling of favors is strictly prohibited.

Why do I have to reserve my favor(s) so early?

Our necklace charms are custom made each year and must be planned for and ordered in advance.

Why do I have to reserve a specific time slot to pick up my favor?

To help our pick up line move smoothly, favors will be distributed at designated time slots during the day on Saturday, February 6, 2021. Time slots are not transferable.

How will I pick up my favor?

Favors will be available for pick up ONLY on Saturday, February 6, 2021, at Keeneland’s Keene Barn utilizing a socially-distanced curbside drive through system at your designated pick up time. You will stay in your vehicle. Our team will scan your EventBrite QR code at pick up. No paper pick up information will be needed. Additional pick up details will be emailed to all who reserve a favor(s).

What if favor quantities are sold out?

If all favors are sold out, we sincerely apologize. Due to favors being offered at no charge, only limited quantities are available.

Can more than one family ride together to pick up their favor?

For the safety of everyone and to help the pick up lines move quickly, we request only one family per vehicle.

Is my favor transferable? What if I reserve a favor, but change my mind?

Because favors are being provided at no charge, we are not offering transfers. We simply ask that you cancel your favor reservation in advance so that we can have them available to distribute to others who may want them.

What if there is bad weather on favor pick up day?

Our team will be monitoring the weather and if a make-up day is necessary, we will announce plans at that time.

Who organizes Her Knight? Who does it benefit?

Her Knight Dance, Inc. is an independent, 501(c)3 non-profit organization which is comprised entirely of unpaid volunteers. A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales benefit non-profit, charitable organizations that support and encourage fathers and/or daughters. Since our inception in 2011, Her Knight has given more than $160,000 in charitable donations to deserving community organizations.

Will you be hosting an in-person dance in 2022?

It’s too early to know for sure, but our hope is to return to the traditional in-person dance format for future dances.

What is a Partner vs. a Sponsor?

Sponsors are businesses/individuals who make cash/in-kind donations to support the event.

Mission Partners (or Partners) are our community non-profit organizations who receive charitable donations from Her Knight via an application process to further impact fathers/daughters in our community.

love notes
  • The first year my daughter and I attended was 5 months after my divorce from her mother. My daughter took that pretty hard (and as expected was pretty sad.) I took her to get hair and nails done and she wasn’t all that excited. We got dressed and got to the dance and she was still not very excited. Once we got inside, all the volunteers helped to make it special and she started to smile. By the end of that night she was having the time of her life. She gave me a big hug that night before bed and told me how much she appreciated me taking her. This dance reminded her that daddy loves her regardless of what has happened and that I’ll always be there for her. I can’t her Knight dance enough for the memories, and for helping to strengthen our relationship.

  • The most memorable part of the dance is so awkward. But, they give you time to tell your daughter how you feel about them. This time is precious, and they soak it up. I have told my daughters throughout their life how much I love them, but being on a dance floor and having that one-on-one time, and then telling them how you feel drives a deeper bond.


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