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Each year, a portion of the proceeds from the annual dance are reinvested into other community non-profits that complement our mission.


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We’ve partnered up with Bonfire to create a line of shirts for our dads/knights and princesses (moms and daughters, alike!). All proceeds benefit Her Knight Dance, Inc.  

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Our Story

Her Knight is much more than just a dance—it’s a chance to show your daughter just how loved she truly is!

At Her Knight, we’re focused on showing young girls God’s love through their relationships with their parents and other important adults in their lives.

Our dance is an unforgettable evening for girls ages 4 – 12 to spend with the special Knight in their lives.

love notes
  • For a couple of years before we were able to attend, I remember seeing the pictures of friends who had gone and it looked like they had all had a really good time. I remember thinking that was definitely something I wanted to do with her.

    After walking in that first year and seeing how far the Her Knight staff goes to make it special for the girls, I was blown away.

    I have been blessed to have always had a special relationship with my daughter. As our only girl, this event provides an opportunity to spend one on one time with just her and continue to build that bond. It is something we both look forward to every year. Her favorite part is dancing with me (she also enjoys all of the photo ops and selfies that we take!) A favorite part of the dance for me is looking out and seeing that there are so many dads that are as willing to make fools of themselves out there on the dance floor as I am – just to bring a smile to their daughters’ faces.

    O' Shea
  • My daughter and I have a strong relationship. Adding another awesome thing (the dance) has given us another thing to talk about and look forward to. She loves that she has me all to herself and that the attention is all on her. Every year when we leave, she looks me in the eye and tells me she loves me. And as we walk out she always says “Dad, I can’t wait until next year.”


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